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Our philosophy is that you only provide good advice if you care about other people. And that is what we do. We do for you what we would do if we were in your situation.


We sell knowledge. It is our business to know and to help you with this knowledge. We help large numbers of people and entrepreneurs that are in similar situations such as yours.


Tax is complicated enough already. We try to make everything as easy as possible for you and give you all our advice in the English language. We listen to your needs and help in all possible ways. Always.

Dutchtaxadvice focuses on helping non-Dutch speaking individuals and entrepreneurs with their Dutch taxes. Our clients are for example expats who come to work in the Netherlands temporarily. We help them in the period they live in the Netherlands, but also when they do not live here anymore but still have property, and thus tax issues, here. We also help employers with their international tax issues, frequently in connection with their expatriate employees. We also provide Dutch tax advice to entrepreneurs who have a business in the Netherlands. We help self-employed people, partnerships and limited liability companies alike. We do this in either the Dutch or English languages. We are here to help, you will be fully in control of your Dutch tax situation and not leave any tax advantages unused.

Our Team


Mark Bastiaans

Senior Tax Advisor

Graduated from Tilburg University in 2006 and formerly working for “Big four” advisories and multinational enterprises, Mark has extensive knowledge about tax and is always happy to help you.

Dutchtaxadvice Cindy

Cindy van Asten

Junior Tax Advisor

“Putting the client central” is Cindy’s motto. Making tax simple is the key element. The world is complex enough already.

Our Services

Business set-up

Business set-up

If you want to start a business in the Netherlands, setting it up the right way may save you a lot of taxes, but more importantly, it may also save you a lot of headaches later on. We advise you on every step and make sure your business is registered, your limited liability company is incorporated, your accounts are made etc.

Mobility and migration services

Mobility and migration services

You have found the ideal employee outside the EU/EEA! Now you only have to get this person or his family a visa, a work and residence permit, a BSN, a 30% ruling and a place to stay. And you also have to make sure this person and his family feel at home here. We help with every step!

Dutch tax advice in English

Dutch tax advice in English

We provide Dutch tax advice in the English language, making sure you understand what we mean. Taxes are complex in Dutch already, we try to make things simple for you!

Your Dutch tax return

Your Dutch tax return

Filing an income tax return in the Netherlands enables you to claim a tax refund or to assess the tax you owe. We help you with this, making your life easier. You can find more information about your Dutch income tax return here.

30% Ruling

30% Ruling

We are experts on the Dutch 30% ruling. We apply for the ruling and advise on it, so that you can benefit fully from it and do not loose it. For more information please see our 30% ruling pages.

From the Blog

Expected changes to Box 3

For 2016, some changes are expected to be made in the tax on income from savings and investments (Box 3). In effect, the tax burden on higher amounts of net wealth will be increased while the tax nurden on lower amounts of net wealth will be decreased.

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Expat pensions in the Netherlands

Expat pensions in the Netherlands

Not that long ago retirement options for most of us in the EU were simple and relatively easy to understand. In fact, it wasn’t even that important to fully comprehend the intricacies of pensions and how they worked. We retired at the normal date and the company we’d spent the last 40 years working for would pay us a guaranteed pension for life.

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Independent Contractor Status (VAR) in 2016

In the past few years, freelancers and self-employed individuals could request for a Declaration of Independent Contractor Status (VAR statement, or Verklaring Arbeidsrelatie) with the Dutch tax administration (Belastingdienst). This Declaration that gave clients certainty about their wage tax status will cease to exist in 2016.

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